Tc Lottery App is an Online Colour Prediction Game, Where You Can Earn Money By Playing Skeel Base Games. Tc Lottery is One Of The Best Colour Prediction Games in India In the Tc Lottery App You Can Play Red, Green Games and Also Make Big and Small Predictions. Tc Lottery is a Newly Launched Colour Prediction game.

Tc Lottery is a Similar App to Daman Games. Download Tc Earning App and Start Earning. You can also Join the Official Telegram Channel, Where You Get Daily Tc Lottery Predictions. The craze of colour prediction games is increasing very fast, and many prediction games are also available in the market. But the Tc lottery is different from this app, in which you can start a prediction from 1 rupee. 

Tc Lottery App Download

Tc Lottery App Download

App NameTc Lottery
Category Earn Money
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What is Tc Lottery?

Tc Lottery is an Online Colour Prediction Game, Where You Can Earn Money By Playing Skeel Base Games. There are many games available in the Tc Lottery app, out of which you can play any game as per your wish. In Tc App, You Can Play Lotre Games Like Wingo Colour Prediction.

Tc Lottery is a Similar App to Daman Games, You can start Prediction in Tc Mall App for just ₹1. Apart From playing You Can Also Earn Ga good Amount throw Referral. Tc Lottery Referral Program is Very good, You can Earn 6 levels of Camminson in their Tc Earning App.

TC Lottery Apk Download

To Download Tc Lottery Apk Follow Simple Steps. Tc Lottery is a Very Popular Colour Prediction App, the most popular game in the Tc lottery App is Wingo. You can download the app by clicking on the button given below. Tc Lottery Apk Download and Start Earning. To get Tc Lottery live Prediction Join Official Telegram Channel.

TC Lottery Colour Prediction

TC Lottery offers a variety of colour prediction games. In these games, players must predict the colour. There are 3 types of colors in the Tc lottery prediction game, Red, Green, and Violet. Red and Green get a 1 .92X return on the amount invested on the correct prediction, and a 4.5X return on Violet’s correct prediction. If you have placed a bet on colour and Vialot comes along with it, then you get a 1.45x return.

How to Register in Tc Lottery

  • Click on The Tc Lottery Link or Download Button
  • Go to The Official Website Of Tc Lottery App
Tc Lottery Register
  • Enter You Active Mobile Number After Country Code (+91)
  • Set your strong password. (If you forget your password, you can reset it later)
  • Add This xlSYa70518 Code In Recommended Code section (If you go through our link then it must have been automatically filed)
  • Your Tc Lottery Account Successfully Create, Now You Can Add Money and Start Playing Your Favourite Games

How to Login to Tc Lottery

After Successfully Register In Tc Lottery Account click On The Tc Mall App Link. Enter Your Mobile Number and Password. After that Click On The Login Button, Your Account Successfully Login. You Can Also Reset Your Password at Any Time.

Refer And Earn Offer in TC Lottery App

Apart from playing games, you can also earn money by referring your friends to the Tc lottery app. Whenever 1st Level invited members to play games, you will get 0.6% of the amount played by them. You will get a 0.18% bonus on the 2nd level, by doing this you can get a bonus up to 6 levels. In this way, you can earn a good income without playing the game and without taking any risks

How to Invite Members To Tc Lottery 

Tc Lottery Referral
  • Login to Your Tc Lottery Account and Click on the Promotion Section 
  • Copy Your Invite Link / Copy Invite Code
  • Share You Invite Link to Your Family or Friends (You Can Use Social Media to Promote Your Link)
  • Whenever your friend will join from your link, they will be counted as your members
  • You can see the details of the members invited by you in the My Team section

Tc Lottery Prediction

You can join the official Telegram channel for Tc Lottery Color Prediction, Where you get to see the prediction 3 times daily. You can do colour prediction and size prediction in the Tc Mall app. You can make big and Small predictions in terms of size. You can do this by following the tricks mentioned below.

Games Available in TC Lottery App

  • Win Go
  • TRX Hash
  • 5D Lotre
  • K3 Lotre 

Apart From Lottery Games, You Can Also Play Fishing, Slots, Sports, Casino, Chess, and Popular Games In the  Tc Lottery App. The above 4 games come under the Lottery section, out of which Wingo is the most popular. 

How to Play Wingo Colour Prediction Games in Tc Lottery 

  • Login Tc Account and Click On The Win Go Section
  • Select Your Time Period to Play the Game (1 Minute, 3 Minutes, 5 Minutes, or 10 Minutes) If there is more time, there will be more time to think
  • Choose Your Colour (Green, Red, Or Violet), Size (Big and Small), or Number(0 to 9)
  • Enter the Amount You Want to Bet and Click on the Confirm 
  • Wait For Results, Different types of bets get different returns

How To Earn Money in TC Lottery App

In the Tc lottery app, you can earn money by playing more than 7 types of games. Apart from playing games, you can also earn in the Tc app, in which promotion comes first. You can also earn a good income by inviting your friends, in this game, you get bonuses up to 6 levels. Whenever the members invited by you recharge, you will get the gift code for that. By doing this, you can even earn in the Tc Money Game.

Tc Lottery Tricks 

Do you also want to play colour prediction game, then today I am going to tell you the tricks of the Tc lottery. Although there are no confirmed tricks in color prediction games, if you follow some formula, your winning chances can increase. Before playing any game, do research about it, because in such games you can also get loose. This is a Tc Lottery Big Small Tricks, Follow This tricks and Earn More.

Joint Formula

You can increase your winning chances by following the joint formula in the Tc Lottery app. In this, before placing a bet on any colour, you have to see which color has come before it. You have to bet on the same colour or size which came before you placed the bet. By following this formula, whenever a colour comes together 2 times, you will be winning.

Use 3X Investment

Along with this, you can also adopt a 3x investment method. In the 3x investment method, the bet you placed has to be multiplied by 3 in the next round. For example, you put a rupee on red and the result came green, Then You Bet 1×3 = 3 Rupees On The Next Round. By following this method, whenever you win, you will be in profit.

How To Recharge in Tc Lottery

To recharge your TC Lottery account, you can use a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. The minimum recharge amount is ₹100.

  • Login Tc Lottery App and Go to Wallet Section 
Recharge in Tc Lottery
  • Click on The Recharge Button and Select Your Payment Methods
  • Enter Your Deposit Amount and Click On The Recharge (Minimum Recharge in Tc Lottery App is ₹100)
Add Money tc Lottery
  • Pay with your wallet / Copy UPI ID and Pay
How to recharge in Tc Lottery
  • After Successful Pay, Enter 12 Digit UTR Number and Click On the Submit Button
  • Your Recharge is Successfully Done. Refresh Your Wallet, Balance Reflect on Your Tc Wallet

How to Withdraw Money from Tc Lottery

To withdraw money from your TC Lottery account, you can use a variety of methods, including bank transfer, Paytm, and MobiKwik. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹100.

  • Login to Your Tc Mall Account and Click On the WalLet Section 
  • Click on The Withdraw Button and Add Your Bank Account 
Tc Lottery Withdraw
  • Enter Your Withdrawal Amount and Login Password
  • After that, Click On the Withdrawal Button. 
  • Your Withdrawal Request Is Successfully Sent, Money will come to your account within 1 hour

Tc Lottery Telegram Group

To join the Tc Lottery Official Telegram Channel, click on the link given above. You get daily predictions in the Tc app telegram, seeing which you can play the game. There are 3.7K members on Tc Mall’s Telegram channel, you can also join and earn. Tc Colour App is one Of the best Earning platforms in India. You Can Also Join Tc Lottery WhatsApp Group and Get Prediction Daily.

Tc Lottery Salary For Active User

If you refer more people in The Tc lottery and they play regularly, you will also get salary. If you have 10 active members then you will get a salary of Rs.500. Your active members must be in level 1 and have placed a minimum bet of Rs 50. In Tak app you get daily, weekly and monthly salary, using which you can earn well. You can use social media, YouTube, Facebook and Telegram to promote the lottery.

Tc Lottery Customer care number

Tc Lottery Customer Service Is Very Good, You Can Contact Customers Via Telegram And Live Chat. To get TC Lottery live Chat Helpline Number, Login To Your Tc Account and Click Centre Section. After That Click On the Customer Service Option and Live Chat. Now Enter Your Tc Id or Mobile Number and Choose Department, After that Click On the Start Chat. The Tc lottery app has 24/7 customer service available which you can use.

FAQ: About Tc Lottery

What is the Tc Lottery?

Tc Lottery is an Online Colour Prediction and Lottery game, Where You Can Play Online Skeel Base Games and Earn Money. More than 7 Types of games are Available in the Tc Mall App.

What is the Tc Lottery gif Code?

Tc lottery Gift Code is a Tc Bonus Code, By redeeming you can earn free cash. You will get this code only when you get a member to join with your link.

Tc Lottery is Real Or Fake?

Tc Lottery is a Real and Legal App. You can earn through this App, but there is a risk in playing games, so play at your own risk.

Is the TC Lottery a legal game?

TC Lottery is a legal game in India. However, it is important to note that gambling is illegal in some states. Players should check their local laws before playing.

Is the TC Lottery a safe game?

TC Lottery is a safe game. The company uses SSL encryption to protect player data. In addition, the company has a responsible gambling policy in place.

How can I win at the TC Lottery?

There is no guaranteed way to win at the TC Lottery. However, players can improve their chances of winning by using a variety of strategies, such as betting on 3X Formula and Follow the Tc lottery Trick.


This is a Complete Information About the Tc Lottery App. Tc Lottery App is a Popular Online Colour Prediction Games in india. This App Became Very Popular in india. Download Tc Lottery Apk and Start Earning, You can Also Earn Money Through Referral.

Tc Lottery Customer Service is a Very good . TC Lottery is a safe and legal game, and players can withdraw their winnings using a variety of methods. Follow to Upcoming Update and Events of Tc Earning App.

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